Hyundai recently announced that they have partnered with designer Emma Mulholland to create a jacket that will promote their new line of Veloster vehicles. The double-sided jacket is designed in a way that will express the practical and thrilling concepts of the Veloster. The idea for the jacket was initially promoted through Bauer Media. Elle Magazine went in search of a designer that would be able to take on the project. Mulholland fit the bill, and the creation of the jacket began.

One side of the jacket features a pinstripe design that has red stitching to represent that red-lined leather interior of the Veloster. There is even a hidden pocket that is supposed to correlate with the hidden third door of the Veloster. The other side of the jacket is a bit racier. The back portion has a sun that is passing a baton to the moon. Black and yellow accents depict the two-tone roof of the Veloster. The jacket has speed-striped sleeves that fit well with the sporty theme of the Veloster. A photoshoot was organized for the jacket, thanks to the help of photographer Juliet Taylor from Pool Collective.

The concept of the Veloster jacket is to show that Hyundai's high-end vehicle has two sides, but so do the fans of Hyundai. Everyone has their professional side, while they like to let loose in the evening hours when they are free to party. If you would like to find out more about the Hyundai Veloster, you should stop by Camelback Hyundai. We have several Velosters on our lot at this time, but we can also track down anything specific that you are looking for. We here at Camelback, fully embrace what Hyundai has created with this jacket campaign. We, too, love the craftsmanship and the different sides of the Veloster. We hope that you'll find uniqueness and beauty as well.

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