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When an auto manufacturer initiates a recall for any of its vehicles, it can be for a major issue or a minor issue. Manufacturers will notify you of any current recalls by mail, email and phone if they have updated contact information for you.  It's so important to have confidence that your vehicle is you know if your Hyundai has a recall?  Camelback Hyundai has instant access to all Hyundai recalls that have been initiated, and a search of your vehicle identification number (VIN) will provide information about any outstanding recalls for your vehicle. You can even inquire about a specific recall.   Fill out the form below to get the process started for your peace of mind and safety!

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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

Repairs and Recalls

The first thing that you want to do is make sure the recall letter has accurate information, such as being for your vehicle and for the correct owner. It's extremely important that you read the letter thoroughly and not skim over important details. Although most recalls are sent in order to correct a minor issue, there are instances when you're advised not to drive your vehicle or to take specific precautions. Be sure to adhere to any instructions within the recall letter and don't delay making an appointment with our service center to have the recall completed. A delay in completing your recall could put you in danger or cause a minor issue to become a major one.

Your actions are needed and so are the actions of Camelback Hyundai. Camelback Hyundai handles recalls on a regular basis, and as an authorized dealer, we're prepared with the necessary resources to help you understand the recall, as well as complete the recall accurately and in a timely manner. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are also equipped with knowledgeable recall information that is very useful.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

Diagnostics and Repairs

The cost of completing any recall is covered by the manufacturer, and Camelback Hyundai is responsible for facilitating the repairs. Therefore, you should not be concerned about out of pocket costs for anything that the manufacturer has designated as necessary for the recall to be completed, such as replacement parts.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer often initiates a recall in order to enhance a particular part or system. Therefore, a recall doesn't always mean there is a problem. There may be other repairs that are outside of the recall, which may be an additional cost to you. Camelback Hyundai is committed to ensuring the safety of your vehicle, and we're more than willing to provide recommendations or feedback with regards to your specific recall.


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