The Basics of Brake Service

Have you been searching for answers about your squeaky brakes? Check out this video to see what goes into brake service in Phoenix and why it so important to your car's health.

Valley drivers are pretty familiar with the better-known aspects of car service, including oil changes, filter replacements and tire rotations. However, there is another equally important piece of car maintenance that many might not think much about: brake service. Sometimes overlooked by drivers, healthy brakes are in fact one of the main things that keeps you safe while on the road. Not quite sure what goes into Hyundai brake service here in Phoenix? Check out our full tutorial below!

The Basics of Brakes

Like most aspects of modern cars, your brakes are made up of a complex system that includes a variety of parts and mechanics. To understand why brake service is so important, it's nice to have a good understanding of how they work in the first place.

Basically, your brakes use a system of calipers, brake pads and rotors that work to stop the wheel when you press the brake pedal. If one of these parts gets out of whack, or in the case of brake pads, gets worn down too much, the system will not work properly, which could be dangerous to you and your car.

When Should I Get Brake Service?

Your owners manual will give you the appropriate service schedule for brake service, but most experts agree that at the very least, you should have your brakes checked every 12,000 miles or so.

On top of that, there are a few signs that your brakes are in Brake Service Videoneed of a check, including:

  • A loud screeching or grinding noise
  • A shaking of the steering wheel
  • A pulling of the car in one direction or the other

All of these symptoms could indicate an issue with your brakes so it's imperative you stop by Camelback Hyundai's local service repair shop on Camelback Road to get a full checkup.

Where Can I Find Brake Repair Near Me?

Camelback Hyundai offers a wide range of car maintenance services in Phoenix, including brake service and repair. Our expert technicians have been factory-trained to diagnose and fix any brake problems, so schedule an appointment today to have your brakes inspected at our convenient Central Phoenix location.



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