Hyundai Kona Interior Air Conditioning

Whether the air in your air conditioning system comes out warm, stays cold only briefly, or barely reaches the cabin, a problem in the AC system is best addressed as soon as it crops up. Letting an AC system problem go will only cause more problems down the road. The AC system contains many small but instrumental parts. Each part performs a distinct task, and when a part breaks, the surrounding parts have to work harder to make up for it. Furthermore, some problems, like refrigerant fluid leaks, can be quite serious. Letting a refrigerant fluid leak go without being fixed can cause more damage to the AC system as well as the engine. Here are some common AC system problems that you might be experiencing with your own vehicle.

Does the AC system only blow out warm air when you turn it on?

Sometimes, you might notice that the AC system blows out warm air when you turn it on. If this happens, you might have a problematic condenser. The condenser is responsible for cooling the refrigerant fluid and sending it through the car. If the condenser coils break or its fans stop working, then it can't push cold air into the cabin. The coils in the condenser help to cool refrigerant fluid, which reaches the condenser warm, to the correct temperature. The cooled air is then pushed through by the fans into the cabin. If the fans don't work, but if the coils are good, the cold air can't go through the rest of the system. The fans in the condenser can also get clogged and prevent air from passing through. Clogs can also develop in the expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose.

Does the air in the AC system start out cold, but then get warm?

You might also notice that the air in the AC system starts cold, but then heats up after about 20-30 minutes of driving. If this happens, you might very well have a frozen AC component somewhere. One of the most common parts to freeze up is the condenser. The condenser can freeze either from excess moisture accumulating around its openings or if the system is overfilled with refrigerant fluid. Another indication that you have a frozen component is if you notice a pool of water start to form under the car when you turn it off. This usually happens about 30 minutes after parking the car. Whatever the source of the freeze, you'll need to bring your car in for an evaluation. Our mechanics can identify the problem and either remove excess fluid or clear a blockage.

Is there little or no flowing out of the AC vents?

Hyundai Kona Front ExteriorAnother common problem is noticing little or no air coming out of the AC system when you turn it on. If this happens, you might have a condenser that's going bad. The condenser fans will stop blowing cold air, and eventually stop blowing air at all, as the condenser dies. A bad compressor can also restrict airflow through the AC vents. The compressor, like the condenser, is made of multiple parts. The compressor contains a belt, which can either burn out or crack. If this happens, the compressor won't work as designed, and it will prevent air from flowing through the vents. Other possible causes are a bad ventilation fan or hoses that have come loose. Mold and mildew can also start growing in the AC system and stop air flow.


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