Hyundai Aims for Future Electic Vehicles to Produce 50% More Range Than Current Ones

Hyundai Motor Group has made some announcements. They are regarding its EV platforms and software technology.

It was during Unlock the Software Age. It is a global online forum.

The company plans to roll out new EV models by 2025. The focus is on developing high-performance, long-distance vehicles. It also announced a new software development strategy. It will allow it to create customized vehicles. Hyundai offers services for each customer.

The new software development strategy has three principles. They are customer-centricity, open innovation, and modularity.

They are emphasizing customer feedback and collaborating with other companies. The Group plans to develop software that is responsive to customer needs.

Modularity will allow the Group to create different software configurations. They will be for different types of vehicles. It will help it to better adapt to changing customer demands and market trends.

Hyundai Motor Group's announcements are the latest sign that the EV market is heating up. More companies are focusing on electric vehicles. The race to become the leading player in the EV market is sure to be intense.

Everything You Need To Know About Hyundai's New eM Platform

Hyundai Motor announced that it will introduce two new EV platforms in 2025, the eM and eS. The platforms will be created under Hyundai Motor's Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) system. It is a shared hardware and software platform for its vehicles.

The IMA system will allow Hyundai Motor to develop multiple EV models. They will have different body types, powertrains, and features.

It will help the company meet the diverse needs of its customers and expand its EV lineup.

The eM platform will be for smaller, urban EVs. The eS platform will be for larger, family-oriented EVs.

Both platforms will be modular, allowing for easy customization and mass production.

The eM platform is a breakthrough in electric vehicle design. It offers a 50 percent driving range on a single charge. It's massive compared to current EVs. The platform is developed to support Level 3 or above autonomous driving technology. It also features OTA software updates. It makes the eM platform the perfect choice for any electric vehicle application.

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