Hyundai Accent and Veloster N to be Discontinued for 2023  

Originally introduced to the American marketplace in the early 1990s, the Hyundai Accent has been known for affordability and efficiency. This subcompact sedan entered its fifth generation on the market in 2017. After careful consideration, the corporate leadership decided to discontinue this affordable vehicle starting in 2023. Likewise, the Veloster N hatchback will disappear from Hyundai's lineup in 2023. This sporty surely stood out from the crowd thanks to a three-door design. Launched in 2019, the Veloster N enjoyed a relatively short run on the domestic market.

A Final Run for the Hyundai Accent and Veloster N

The Hyundai Accent has traditionally appealed to customers with low budgets. As a subcompact sedan, it surely maintained a fair retail price for multiple generations. Recent college graduates have been some of the most common buyers of this inexpensive vehicle. Despite its great fuel economy in the city and on the highway, Accent will be entirely beaten by other electric vehicles in the marketplace. Therefore, Hyundai hopes to replace this small sedan with some other EVs that will compete against top rivals in North America and worldwide. Customers have surely appreciated Hyundai's industry-leading warranties on the Accent over the years. Additionally, this subcompact sedan has been known for low maintenance costs and minimal mechanical concerns.

For its sporty design, the Hyundai Veloster N has carried a competitive price tag in North America. Besides having awesome exterior and interior styling, this athletic hatchback has lived up to high expectations in performance and engineering. A turbocharged engine block has been a perfect fit for such a cool hatchback. However, a turbo engine will lose its appeal in a highly dynamic market with plenty of all-new EVs. Hyundai hopes to retain some loyal customers who will buy EVs with sporty styling and high-performance features. Of course, the aggressive exhaust outlets will not appear on any sporty EVs from the brand. Nevertheless, grille shutters and spoilers are some accessories that could still be installed on electrified vehicles from Hyundai. In terms of acceleration and cornering, EVs from this brand might actually outmatch the Veloster N. After all, an electric motor and high-capacity battery will instantly accelerate any EV on the road. Additionally, drivers might find some racing-style interior styling inside electric models from Hyundai in the near future.

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