Pedestrian-Impact Glue Is the Latest Patent From Google

Google routinely submits patents for its many inventions and concepts, but their most recent innovation is really turning heads. Their newest patent is for Pedestrian-Impact Glue, and while it may seem a bit odd, it could be a tremendous life-saving technology.

According to the patent, this new bit of safety tech will protect pedestrians in the event of an accident with a car. Basically, this system is working to prevent the main causes of pedestrian death, which is being either thrown off the car or under it.

With this new Pedestrian-Impact Glue, the person will be stuck to the car, preventing them from sliding underneath it or being thrown off and hitting a nearby object. Google hopes this will help decrease the amount of fatal pedestrian injuries.

Pedestrian deaths are becoming increasingly serious problems for roadways, as more and more people move to cities where walking is more common. In 2013 alone, the NHTSA says that over 4,700 people were killed in pedestrian-car related accidents, which was a stark increase from the year before.

For that reason alone, we are very glad to see Google come up with such a ground-breaking and potentially life-saving safety system. We hope we’ll see more new cars of the future adopt it in the coming years.

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