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Which Hyundai Cars have Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link

What is Hyundai Blue Link?

Hyundai has exclusively developed the Blue Link technology for its line of models. This is a sophisticated virtual suite that's loaded with applications for smartphones. The package options include Connected Care, Guidance and Remote. From the comfort of a mobile device, you can complete various remote tasks for your vehicle. Whether you have an Android device, iPhone, Windows phone or another type of smartphone, you'll find it easy…

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Control Your Hyundai Directly From Your Wrist

The future has come folks and it’s only fitting that Hyundai will be leading the way. Among the great new tech gadgets on their new line of cars is the latest integration of Hyundai’s Blue Link app to the Apple Watch. Now Hyundai owners can control several aspects of their car directly from their wrist.

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