MPG and How to Maximize It

2019 Hyundai Elantra MPG

Vehicle owners are lucky that gas prices have fallen a bit, but it can still cost a lot each time you fill up your tank. With everyone trying to find ways to save money and make their paychecks go farther, finding ways to maximize your miles per gallon is a great way to budget. You don't have to trade your vehicle in for something new, and you don't have to make any major improvements to your vehicle. Some straightforward tips can help you save a few dollars on each fill-up. Read on to find out how.

Keep an Eye on Your Speed

Motoring consumes a great deal of fuel with each trip that you take. The ideal speed for a vehicle to drive and maximize its fuel efficiency numbers is 45 miles per hour. Of course, you'll need to abide by the posted speed limit to comply with the law. If you have the option, try to stick to the lower speeds to save some money.

Your Side Mirrors Might Be Slowing You Down

Efficient Hyundai Elantra Rear

A vehicle that is designed with aerodynamics in mind is optimal. Unfortunately, some manufacturers don't put a lot of thought into this aspect of design. Large side mirrors may want to be traded in for something smaller that doesn't stick out as much. Doing, this could improve your numbers a lot.

Don't Slam on the Brakes or Gas Pedal

The best way to drive efficiency is to drive calmly. If you choose to slam on the brakes or the gas pedal constantly, this is going to cause your vehicle to consume much more fuel. You'll want to gently press the brakes ahead of time when you know a stop is coming up. Don't hit the gas to race the car next to you when the light turns green. Drive calmly, and you'll save money.

Let Your Engine Take a Break

When your vehicle isn’t running it doesn’t consume any fuel. You obviously can't turn your engine off at every red light, but if you know you are going to be sitting idle for five minutes or more, this is a good time to switch off your engine and save some money. The perfect place to do this is when you're stuck at a railroad crossing waiting for a train to go by.

Take a Break from the Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something that can consume a lot of fuel. If you can keep your windows up but turn your air conditioning down a bit, this can greatly affect your MPG numbers in a positive way.

Don't Be An Aggressive Driver

Stressing out behind the wheel will only make you drive erratically and unsafe. You may find that you are inadvertently slamming on the brakes, taking turns a bit faster than you should or accelerating at a fast pace. These things can all contribute to negatively affecting your overall MPG rating.

Changing your miles per gallon numbers doesn't take a lot of effort. Just making a few changes in how you drive can make all the difference. You might not be able to change filling up once per week into once every two weeks, but you might find that you're spending a few dollars less here and there. Routine maintenance can also contribute to how efficiently your vehicle is running. Stop down to Camelback Hyundai to find out more about how you can maximize your MPG numbers. If you're in the market for a new vehicle, we can help you find an ultra-efficient vehicle.

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