Hyundai Ranks as 2nd Highest Non-Luxury Brand

Hyundai Ranks as 2nd Highest Non-Luxury Brand

More Reasons To Be Proud of Hyundai

Camelback Hyundai staff are always proud of the vehicles in the Hyundai line-up. The new survey of more than 75,000 new vehicle drivers has given us even more reasons to praise the brand. Hyundai ranked number two among all non-premium brands, missing the top spot by only one point.

Hyundai's brand score was 71, while next-ranked Ford brand lagged behind with 83. Furthermore, Hyundai moved up to number 3 overall, including premium brands, while 18 automakers slipped in the rankings. Making the victory even sweeter, number-one premium brand Genesis is part of the Hyundai family.

Hyundai Motor Corporation's line-up of 18 cars had 16 vehicles in the top three of their class. This put it ahead of GM and other large automobile manufacturers.

Ranked #1

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe was ranked number one in midsize SUVs. This followed a win by 2018 Hyundai Tucson. It is especially important that the Santa Fe do well because it is all-new this year. In fact, it was of only three new vehicles to achieve a number one ranking.

The automaker redesigned the Santa Fe exterior making it taller and more rugged. They updated the interior and added important standards such as eight-way power seats. There are standard crash-avoidance features that are sure to please any family who choose the Santa Fe for their ride.

JD Power surveys new owners or lessees who have been driving their new ride for 90 days or more. This year's survey got responses from more than 76,000 people. Owners answered questions on 32 brands and 191 models. Eight vehicle categories delve into many different areas from engines to dashboard technology. There are 233 questions, thoroughly covering every aspect of new vehicle ownership.

You can see the award-winning Hyundai line-up at Camelback Hyundai. Come take a test drive of your favorite.

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