My Satellite Radio Stopped Working: What Should I Do?

What to Do If My Car's Satellite Radio Is Not Working

Uh oh! Your satellite radio has stopped working. What actions do you take when your system goes kaput? Satellite radio was designed to provide you with optimal radio performance with the least amount of trouble possible. The goal is not to need a troubleshooting service. However, what happens when your radio stops functioning correctly? Perhaps these troubleshooting tips will help you to get the most out of your next experience.

Take Note of the Message Displayed

When you look at your Sirius XM Radio screen, what error message pops up? The radio screen could vary somewhat, based on the version, but it will usually mean the same thing. You will want to get specific troubleshooting tips, which you will be able to find in your Sirius XM user's manual. Some of the procedures and helpful tips to improve your performance will be located closer to the installation help section of the radio.

My Display Shows "No Signal" Or Is Stuck Acquiring

Whichever error message you might see, you should first check to see that your Sirius XM radio antenna is mounted correctly on the outside. You don't want obstructions that block the signal. Otherwise, you will likely experience this error. Let's say you have tried to hook up Sirius XM radio in an underground garage. Most likely, you will receive a signal as soon as you leave the garage.

What Do I Do if My Antenna Is Not Detected?

For this error, you should first check to make sure that you have connected the antenna cable firmly and securely. It will plug into the cradle. Also, examine the antenna to make sure it hasn't been broken or bent because this can also cause this error to crop up. You will turn off the radio and on again to hopefully reset the message. The use of a portable radio or Dock and Play means that you should take the console out of its docking cradle. You will try to reinstall and reset the message once you have removed the radio.

Error: Tune to Another Channel

Maybe your Sirius XM radio has begun to acquire audio or the program information from a satellite. The message will typically only last for a couple of seconds. It will update the radio with the encryption code, and you will need to wait until after the update has been finished to continue. You will also see a display message as you attempt to tune the radio to a channel that is blocked or unavailable. In some cases, you might see an error pop up that says, No program information or the song title doesn't exist." If you don't have audio while listening to an FM radio, you should first check to see that your XM radio and car radio have been tuned to the same FM frequency. Check to see that all the cables between the XM radio and the stereo system have been firmly connected in place. You will also want to see that FM mode for Sirius XM radio has been shut off.

These are some of the possible troubleshooting methods that you could use to get your satellite radio back up and running. Another thing that you could do if the problems continue to persist is to call our dealership. We have a great deal of experience with installing and hooking up these radios.

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