Which Hyundai Cars have Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link

What is Hyundai Blue Link?

Hyundai has exclusively developed the Blue Link technology for its line of models. This is a sophisticated virtual suite that's loaded with applications for smartphones. The package options include Connected Care, Guidance and Remote. From the comfort of a mobile device, you can complete various remote tasks for your vehicle. Whether you have an Android device, iPhone, Windows phone or another type of smartphone, you'll find it easy to download, install and utilize the Blue Link technology. You can even use smartwatches or tablets to implement the connectivity functions through a reliable wireless internet network. Some Hyundai models are available with premium packages that offer the best possible connectivity features. The Tucson, Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport are crossover SUVs that offer the Blue Link system. Some sedans that have this signature technology include the Elantra, Sonata and Azera. You'll also find the packages in the Veloster and Elantra GT hatchbacks. Even some Hyundai hybrid models are equipped with the latest mobile apps.

Hyundai Blue Link Features

The Blue Link technology provides convenient control of a compatible Hyundai car. The Remote Door Lock & Unlock function is activated by a PIN number that's entered on a smartphone. If the doors aren't touched by anyone for 30 seconds, they will automatically lock. This time-based security feature provides extra peace of mind when the car is parked out of your sight. The Remote Start and Climate Control app lets you turn on the vehicle's ignition system and personalize the interior temperature settings. The engine can run for up to 10 minutes without anyone being physically present inside the car. Integrated into the rear view mirror, the Service Link button automatically transmits diagnostic information to your preferred dealership or repair shop. Monthly vehicle health reports can be generated and sent to your email and other contacts. Supplemental directions in a Hyundai car are provided by the Destination Search app, which is powered by Google. Responding to voice commands, this app quickly finds businesses and other venues that are within close distance of your route in real time. Finding your Hyundai in a crowded parking lot could be difficult at times, so the Remote Car Finder is there to help you. This utility can sense a compatible vehicle that's within a mile of your smartphone or mobile device. The Blue Link package has several safety and security features that give you less reasons to panic on or off the road. Pushing the SOS button leads to a quick connection to a live agent who's ready to provide assistance. The Automatic Collision Notification comes on even if the SOS button hasn't been pressed after an accident. Roadside assistance can be requested through the Blue Link suite at any time of the day or night. If you're worried about a teenager or novice driver taking command of your Hyundai vehicle, take advantage of the alerts that monitor speed, curfews and location. You'll receive real-time notifications if the set limits have been broken by an authorized user. Additionally, the Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Vehicle Immobilization create deterrents against theft and unauthorized access.

Call or visit our Hyundai dealership to receive detailed information on the signature Blue Link technology. Nearly every model in our inventory is equipped with this advanced mobile application that's compatible with smartphones and even smartwatches. Whether you're looking for the standard package or the Ultimate Tech package, you'll find the right Blue Link features for any Hyundai trim. Some of the services come with three-year complimentary subscriptions that could be extended after expiration.

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